updated: 7/27/23

The August 5th line-up:

12:00-2:00 Embden Pond Association annual meeting and barbecue. Members are welcome. Two people from each family may vote.
Agenda: Welcome, food, speaker from The State of Maine LakeSmart Program, meeting, and voting. Merchandise will be sold throughout.
*Lake Smart will be selling native plants for those interested.
Menu: Ribs, hot dogs, veggie burgers, cole slaw, chips, drinks. We ask all of you to bring a side like salads, beans, etc. Please write the ingredients on a piece of paper for allergy and dietary purposes. Bring a utensil for serving and don’t forget to take it home with you! We’ll have Afterglow ice-cream Sammies for dessert.

4:00 Boat parade: Who’s in? Who’s decorating? Comment below. We will begin on the south shore and head up west shore and around the north shore and back down the east shore. I sure hope I got all the shores.

Join our group on Facebook if you are a current member:  Embden Pond Association  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1715879898646590/

We have a beautiful pond, rated among the best in the state of Maine. It is clean, clear, cool, and a place where lifelong memories are created. If you enjoy Embden Pond please help us maintain its pristine beauty. Contact us if you would like to join the Embden Pond Association or look on the “members” page for a membership form.