updated: 9/20/20

Embden Pond Association officers, executive board, and committee chairs will remain the same for the next year as we navigate through the pandemic. Cross the August 1st annual meeting and barbecue off your calendar.

Please don’t feed the waterfowl. It’s bad for humans, bad for the lake, and bad for the ducks and geese.

2020 Boat Parade: Celebrating Maine’s 200th birthday: And the boat parade winners are–all of you. It was so fun and so hard to judge this year. We narrowed it down to four but know that we left out so many wonderful creative floats.

First place goes to Four Seasons of Maine by Captain Ed Roullard.

Second place goes to Beans and Franks by Captain James Everett. 

Co-third place winners are in alphabetical order: Soft drink of Maine AND Torpedo Mosquito by Captain Jeff Allen.


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We have a beautiful pond, rated among the best in the state of Maine. It is clean, clear, cool, and a place where lifelong memories are created. If you enjoy Embden Pond please help us maintain its pristine beauty. Contact us if you would like to join the Embden Pond Association or look on the “members” page for a membership form.

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