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The Sno-fest was a beautiful fun-filled afternoon on the lake. Partnering with the Embden Travelers Snowmobile Club was a huge success. We gained members in both clubs and met new faces. 

Save the date: February 17 Sno-fest at the boat launch. Open the file to see the details: snow fest (3)

The fall newsletter has hit mailboxes. If you own property in the watershed of Embden Pond and didn’t receive one in the mail please let Ernie know.

Some winter snowmobile tips from Ernie:

1. TAKE CARE OF SNOWMOBILE MAINTENANCE :Half the battle for snowmobile safety is won before you hit the powder — and there’s more to it than just filling the gas and squeegeeing the windshield.

At the start of riding season, give your snowmobile a comprehensive check: replace spark plugs and filters, clean and charge the battery, and top off all fluids. As you continue to ride, keep up with your key snowmobile maintenance tasks by inspecting the brakes, lubricating the chassis, and aligning the skis every few weeks.

2. AVOID FROZEN WATER: Listing what is safe about frozen lakes or rivers would be faster than listing what isn’t, but we’ll do it anyway. In a nutshell, nearly every nasty riding condition is waiting on the water — a lack of traction, unforgiving falls, unpredictable patterns from other snowmobilers, the threat of cracking ice (remember, ice thickness is rarely uniform, so a foot-deep layer can become an inch deep in no time).

While some riders still choose to take their chances on the ice, the safest bet is to turn around and head the other way.

3. STAY LOOSE: Statues are meant for museums, not trails. If you tense up while riding, your snowmobile is likely to plow straight ahead (which, unless you’re on the world’s most boring trail, can be dangerous).

In order to keep your snowmobile flexible, you need to stay limber. To make a turn, look where you want to go and turn your entire head in that direction. You can also train yourself to shift your lower body around the sled. 

We are looking for someone to run our Invasive Plant Program. You could begin with Mike’s assistance this year.  If interested call or email Mike Whitmore 566-0531 or mrwhit4@hotmail.com

We had two speakers at our annual meeting and barbecue.

Speaker: Game warden, Will Schuman from Newport, spoke about boating safety. Did you know that kayaks and canoes need a sound making device like a whistle in them just as boats do? Did you know that boats all need a throwable cushion as well as a life preserver for each person in your craft?

​Speaker: Jennifer  Lespersen Here is her bio: 

  • Jennifer Jespersen is the owner of Ecological Instincts, a small environmental consulting and ecodesign firm located in Manchester, Maine. Jen brings over 20 years of education and experience in the water resources field to help landowners, businesses, municipalities and non-profits to effectively protect and improve important natural resources, and bring about positive environmental change. Jennifer has a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Environmental Science from the University of Maine at Farmington and an M.S. in Ecology & Environmental Science from the University of Maine at Orono. She provides expert technical assistance to lake and watershed groups and municipalities in need of lake monitoring, watershed surveys, watershed plan development and implementation, marketing/outreach, and grant writing. Jen is the Vice President of the Maine Lakes Society, a state-wide environmental education and advocacy organization working to protect all Maine lakes, and served on the Board of Directors for the organization since 2008.                                                                                    

A thank you note from Ernie:  To the officers, board members, committee chairs, volunteers who helped this weekend and most importantly to the great members of the Embden Pond Association. I want to offer my sincere thanks for making this 4th of July Welcome Back Breakfast an overwhelming success.

The dedication in honor of Henry and Ellen Hinman was very well attended and I know it was very heartwarming for the Hinman family.

I have never seen so many boats in the parade and everyone out did themselves with the decorations.

I am humbled by the support you all have given me and I promise to continue to work to maintain the quality of Embden Pond our little secret lake in Maine.

Look for some surprises in the fall newsletter and as always I welcome any thoughts and suggestions.

Have a safe, healthy, and happy summer.

Thank you,

Ernie Falcone (Pictures from the Hinman bench dedication can be found on the “boat launch page” of this website and on our Facebook page.)

spring 2017 newsletter:  spring2017Embden                                  

 fall 2016 newsletter:  newsletter

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We have a beautiful pond, rated among the best in the state of Maine. It is clean, clear, cool, and a place where lifelong memories are created. If you enjoy Embden Pond please help us maintain its pristine beauty. Contact us if you would like to join the Embden Pond Association or look on the “members” page for a membership form.

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