updated: 6/20/22

The “Back to the Lake breakfast” is at the community center on the 4th of July from 8:00-10:00. Donations accepted. Bring your holiday company with you. All of our merchandise will be available. Bring checks or cash!

The 2022 Fourth of July parade begins at 1:00 in Mullins Cove. The theme this year is Americana. Boats of any size are welcome. It’s all about participation this year. How many people can we get involved. 

Join our group on Facebook if you are a current member:  Embden Pond Association  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1715879898646590/

We have a beautiful pond, rated among the best in the state of Maine. It is clean, clear, cool, and a place where lifelong memories are created. If you enjoy Embden Pond please help us maintain its pristine beauty. Contact us if you would like to join the Embden Pond Association or look on the “members” page for a membership form.