updated: 4/22/20

Have you paid your dues? $25.00

Boat parade: Next year instead of giving numbers to participants, we’ll ask you for boat/theme names. You’ll be able to sign up on Facebook or at the breakfast.

Are you ready?

Honorable Mention goes to the Everetts for their white bubble-bath boat.

The “just married” boat deserves a big shout-out, too

First place: the Allen boat (Gone Bananas) and the Falcone boat (Minions)

Second place: the Welch boat (rainbow-flag boat)

Third place: the Haberland boat (all colors with cloth)

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We have a beautiful pond, rated among the best in the state of Maine. It is clean, clear, cool, and a place where lifelong memories are created. If you enjoy Embden Pond please help us maintain its pristine beauty. Contact us if you would like to join the Embden Pond Association or look on the “members” page for a membership form.

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