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updated: 3/4/18    

Embden Pond Membership  (download form)

A yearly membership is $25.00.  Yearly dues cover the period from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.   There is also a place on the form to make donations if  you wish.  Please mail the membership form to Embden Pond Association, Box 208, North Anson, Maine  04958.

Note:  If you do not wish to have your name listed here, please contact us.  Some members’ names may not be included here for that very reason.   If your name is not listed and it should be, or if it is listed and it shouldn’t be,  please call the membership chairman, Kathy Falcone (566-5560).

Embden Pond Association members 2018

Michael & Debra Aitken

Terry & Roger Agnese

Richard & Rhonda Alafat

Kenneth & Sara Beverage

Mark & Brenda Boivin

Rocky & Ann Bridges

Steve Brooks & Emily Hartnett

John Brundo

Larry & Diana Caldwell

Paul & Norma Campbell

Donna Cassese & Bob Haynes

Paul & Beth Chamberlin

Steve & Robin Clough

Robert & Leanne Condon

Norman DeRoche

Kathy & Larry Donahue/Peter & Joanne Wladowski

Bruce & Josie Dow

John & Alyson Duff

Myles & Judy Durkin

Christopher Everett

Steven, James Everett & Susan Gray

Ernie &Kathy Falcone

Geraldine Farley

Jean- Pierre & Tina Faucher

Brita & Gary Gill-Austern

Jim & Dolores Girillo

Carole Austin Gopsill

Elaine & Edward Gray

Jeff & Nancy   Hagerty

Wayne Henderson

Jeffrey Hill & Terri Hinkle

Richard & Cathy Hinman

David & Christian Hodgdon

Lindwood & Jill Houghton

Ray & Gail Humphreys

Aaron, Tracy & John Knapp

David & Jennifer Lachapelle

Philippe & Carol Laurendeau

Dana & Janine Leach

Richard & Nora Linkletter

Jim & Betty Listowich

Lisa St. Louis

Lu & Cathy Lozano

Frank & Dorothy Manzer

David & Kathy Metchenberg

Alan & Maureen Mikal

Robert & Mary Miller

John & Lenora McGuire

Nancy Morrell & Michael Raven

Duncan Moore

Brian & Johanna O’Connor

Relland O’Donal

Bill & Lisa O’Leary

Erry & Cynthia Petley

Ron & Connie Powell

Randy & Cindy Prock

Hilary Roberts & Sarah Bocekel

Dennis A. Rollins

Anne Roosevelt

Allan & Lori Russell

Mark & Julie Russell

Randall & Ruth Sherman

Paul & Joan Shinay

Jack & Pam Stephens

Russell Stocker

Richard & Sharon Strickland

Richard & Jennie Swenson

Betsy & Bruce Turcotte

Brainard Tripp

Brian & Karen Urquhart

Jan Welch

John & Cathy Witherspoon

Sharon & family Whitmore

Karen & Rodney Woods

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